Readers rave about grandmother, assembling furniture, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and Alaska Airlines, rant about loud music on public transit, tent caterpillars, callous dad and people who don’t clean up after their dogs

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RAVE To the young boy getting off the school bus in Shoreline and his grandmother who was waiting for him. She had her arms outstretched the minute she saw the bus and he ran to her for a huge hug and she twirled him around before they walked off with arms around each other. To witness such pure love and true joy at seeing each other was amazing and made my day as my car was stopped behind the bus.

RANT To public transit riders who play music or streaming radio way too loudly. Please, as a common-sense courtesy to everyone in your vicinity, check your earbuds/headphones and make sure that only you hear it, and adjust your volume appropriately. Or consider getting noise-canceling headphones.

RAVE To me, a 73-year-old woman, who assembled two pieces of Ikea furniture all by myself, no help from anyone, and it only took me 10 hours! Loud swearing accompanied the process.

RANT To the dozens of nests of tent caterpillars in the lush greenery from Hiram Chittenden Locks to Golden Gardens that have come with our early spring.

RAVE To the gentleman who paid our toll at the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. We’d spent the day at the hospital with a close family member who is loosing his battle with cancer and this kind gesture brightened our day. We’ll pay it forward.

RANT To the callous dad whose non-helmeted young son had a bad bike accident, with a profusely bleeding scalp wound and abrasions. Instead of rushing to his aid and providing comfort, he slowly sauntered over, dumped cold water on the child’s head and told him to “walk it off.”

RAVE To Seattle Parks and Recreation workers who keep the packed dirt path around Greenlake smooth and hole-free. Thanks to you, I, and many others, can run in the dark free of worry, morning after morning, year after year.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to my seven-month-old Lab puppy for bolting out my front door. Rave to the gentleman two blocks away who grabbed and held him until I could reach him, running as fast as I could in my socks and PJs.

RAVE To the Alaska Airlines flight crew and staff who were skillful, compassionate and professional when my husband had a medical issue while we were boarding a plane. He had surgery that night and the neurosurgeon said had he flown he may have had a seizure. A terrible event turned into an incredible blessing. Thank you, Alaska!

RANT To negligent, irresponsible dog owners who obstinately defy the law and don’t clean up after their “best friend” on my lawn and elsewhere.