Readers rant about phony IRS scam, drivers who cut off buses, homeless tents in Seattle, dog chasing ducks in Green Lake; rave about Russell and Ciara, drivers who DO use turn signals, ferry memorial service.

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RANT To the “official IRS” threatening phone calls that are a total scam. We’ve had two this week from a wireless number with a Cleveland area code, one a recording and one a live voice. Seriously, people, don’t fall for these calls. The IRS doesn’t call you, especially from cellphones.

RAVE To Russell and Ciara. It’s so fun to hear exciting news about Russell Wilson’s engagement instead of so much in the news that’s depressing. Congrats from your fans in Seattle.

RANT To the many middle-finger salutes from single-occupancy vehicles aimed at bus drivers as they maneuver multiple lane changes heading to a downtown Seattle exit. Buses are full, standing room only, with passengers who choose to keep their 100+ cars off the road so there’s less competition for road space. Please stop blocking the buses and let the drivers do their jobs by giving them room when they signal a lane change. Share the road.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the rude group of young people eating out; one knocked a glass off a neighboring table, did nothing other than shrug, then everyone at the table denied knowing who did it when asked. They didn’t leave any tip for a $200 bill. Rave to the restaurant for their service and professionalism.

RAVE To all the courteous drivers who use their turn signals. To all you other drivers, it’s the small lever to the left of your steering wheel; try it.

RANT To the city of Seattle for allowing homeless tents to be pitched along the freeways, sidewalks and numerous other places. It’s an embarrassment, and I won’t bring family and friends to the city any longer.

RAVE To the Washington State Ferry system who were so wonderful on a memorial service for our dear friend. At every step, from boarding, meeting the second mate, our short memorial service and placing the ashes into Puget Sound, ferry employees assisted us with extraordinary empathy and kindness. The captain stopped the ferry for a few minutes while we placed our friends’ ashes to rest, then blew the whistle three times in his honor. I’ll always remember the generosity of ferry employees for allowing us to remember our friend this way.

RANT To the young woman at Green Lake whose large spaniel was in the water chasing after nesting ducks. We said something to her; her response was a blow-it-off comment and she continued to let her dog terrorize the poor ducks, who were in great distress. There’s never any enforcement of leash laws at Green Lake. Can’t Animal Control or police hang around there for a couple of hours to ensure that people get the message?