Readers rave about gift of flowers, rant about Interurban Trail bicyclists

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RAVE While walking along Westlake Avenue with my daughter, a woman passed us with a beautiful bouquet that I admired. She said she bought it at the South Lake Union Farmers market that had just closed for the day. We were so surprised when she turned around and handed me the bouquet. Just when you think there are no surprises left, a delightful surprise appears.

RANT To arrogant bicyclists on the Interurban Trail who blow by pedestrians/runners without bothering to alert us, either vocally or by using a bell. If you don’t have a bell on your bike, please have the courtesy to alert the rest of us verbally as you approach. This simple gesture prevents entanglements and crashes, as well as showing respect for sharing this not-just-for-bicycles path with foot traffic.