The band released three critically acclaimed albums on Seattle's Sub Pop records before moving on to other labels.

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Portland’s The Thermals, the scrappy pop-punk trio that released three critically acclaimed albums on Sub Pop, have decided to call it a day.

The band tweeted the news on Monday: “We are officially disbanding! After 15 years and 7 records, we feel our band has reached far beyond our initial expectations and goals, and are stepping away from it while we still cherish it.”

The group formed in Portland in 2002 and released its first full-length album, “More Parts per Million,” on Sub Pop. The trio, which featured singer-guitarist Hutch Harris, bassist Kathy Foster and drummer Westin Glass, developed a solid fan base and was a staple of festivals across the U.S. and Europe. Their music was a mix of straightforward rock and pop punk with lyrics that dealt with religious and political themes.

“The Body, The Blood, The Machine,” the trio’s last album with Sub Pop, was labeled “Best New Music” by tastemaking blog In 2009 the band jumped to Olympia record label Kill Rock Stars for two albums, before finishing its recording career on Saddle Creek Records.

“To say we will miss The Thermals is an understatement,” Sub Pop co-president Tony Kiewel said. “We will always be incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such amazing human beings. They were never afraid to be political, in fact they seemingly weren’t afraid of anything. And they managed it all with a smirk and a snarl. There will never be another band quite like them. Everything Thermals!”


In 2017, Harris announced that the band would cease touring. Harris has been busy recording with bands including Portland’s Summer Cannibals, while Foster and Glass play in punk band Hurry Up.

The band also tweeted gratitude to its fans: “Most importantly we would like to thank our fans, who we consider to be some of the smartest, sweetest and most compassionate people in the world. We love you, and we hope to see you again some day. Hutch, Kathy and Westin.”

The band’s last show in Portland was in July 2017 at the Doug Fir Lounge. No farewell shows have been announced.