Our music critic chimes in on the Twitter hashtag, sharing three albums that left an impression on him.

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Has your life been changed three times by an album? Apparently this has happened to a lot of people, according to the Twitter hashtag #3albumsthatchangedmylife. Trimming it down to three is a challenge. But here — I’ll take an (admittedly eccentric) shot at this :

The Fabulous Wailers (Golden Crest). Because I had to learn my first tenor sax solo, on “Tall Cool One,” when I was 13, playing with my first band, The Impacts, in Atherton, Calif.

Benny Goodman, On the Air 1937 1938. Because it opened up a world of music made before I was born — a window into the world of jazz.

Brasil (1981). Because it introduced me to the voice of Caetano Veloso, who has afforded me at least as much pleasure as Bob Dylan over the years, and to Tropicalia and a life-long love of Brazilian music.