A music video for a remix of Badbadnotgood's 'Lavender' depicts police and politicians as clowns.

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Snoop Dogg has never been one to shy away from controversy. That doesn’t change with his latest release that tackles police violence and politics.

In a remix of Badbadnotgood’s excellent song “Lavender,” Snoop raps about black men being shot by police, institutional racism, reparations and paybacks. The video depicts the police and politicians as clowns.

The video opens with actor Michael Rapaport as an everyman clown leaving for work. Like the fatal police shooting of Philando Castile that was captured live by his girlfriend on Facebook, Rapaport is shot with his hands in the air after informing the officer he has a gun. The incident is filmed by a black man on his iPhone and uploaded to ClownTube.

The video moves on to a President Trump-like figure, an orange clown named Ronald Klump. At one point Snoop holds a toy gun to Klump’s head and pulls the trigger. The result is a campy 1960s-era Batman gun shot. BANG! Klump survives and spends the rest of the video held in chains.

No surprise — the video is causing some outrage. Sen. Marco Rubio, a fan of Snoop and hip-hop, criticized the video said Snoop shouldn’t have depicted the assassination of a president. Snoop will have plenty of time to push the song and its message. It appears on his new album, which is due out this spring.