Sigur Rós, which plays the Paramount Theatre Tuesday, Sept. 20, is one of many bands from Iceland popular in Seattle, thanks in part to radio station KEXP, which has a strong bond with the Reykjavik music scene.

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Thanks in part to Seattle’s beloved radio station, KEXP 90.3, the Emerald City has formed a bond with Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, that involves sharing resources and musical groups. KEXP even travels to Iceland yearly to discover and record bands in Reykjavik, which helps pave the way for new songs and new sounds — like those of Sigur Rós.

This Icelandic outfit brings its orchestral sound to the Paramount Theatre on Tuesday (Sept. 20).

Sigur Rós has garnered millions of hits on YouTube, most prominently for its song “Olsen Olsen,” which has earned about 8 million views. In the song, the band displays a predilection for play and poise, harmonizing over swelling strings and bouncy guitar riffs.

Despite its successes, Sigur Rós has not been without trials and tribulations. In 2013, the band lost longtime member and supremely versatile musician Kjartan Sveinsson, who had been with the group since 1998. But Sigur Rós rallied, releasing its seventh studio album, “Kveikur,” the same year and is making plans for several reissues.

8:30 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 20, Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine St., Seattle; $75.75 -$121.75 (206-682-1414 or