The Seattle Times’ Fourth Annual Critics Poll asked a group of local music writers, radio DJs and playlisters to submit their top 10 lists, ranked or unranked, of the best Washington albums of 2021. You can check out the results here. Below are the critics’ individual ballots.

Casey Carter, The Glow up Podcast

Jarv Dee x Bad Colours “BlakHouse”

Various Artist “Seattle Sessions”

Parisalexa “Finishline”

Anthony Danza “Straight Talk”

Travis Thompson “BLVD BOY”

Yohiness “TUTORIALS”

Gifted Gab “Everything G, Vol. 1”

grxtty “Google Me Better”

Big Jone$ “Superb”

Campana “Matter of Time”

2oopaid Tk “Forever 2P”

Marco Collins, KEXP

  1. Jarv Dee & Bad Colours – Blakhouse
  2. Left At London – t.I.a.p.f.y.h.
  3. Ryan Caraveo – Northend Sweetheart
  4. The Sleepovers – do you want to sleep with me
  5. Daisies- Sour Melody
  6. Whitney Monge – Live With The Seattle Symphony
  7. WD4D – Poly Yams EP
  8. Payday – Rap In A Can
  9. Spirit Award – Lunatic House
  10. Antonioni – Antonioni

Darryl Crews, playlist curator

AllA – Finally EP

Anthony Danza – Straight Talk

Campana – Matter Of Time

Dave B – Vista EP

Figmore – Jumbo Street

Jarv Dee & Bad Colours – Blakhouse EP

Oranj Goodman – The Beautiful EP

Royce The Choice – Aesthetics

TBG – Domestic Terrorism

Travis Thompson – Blvd Boy

Kevin Diers, KISW

1. Ayron Jones – “Child of the State”

2. Dust Moth – “Rising // Sailing”

3. Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – “Silver Bullet”

4. The Home Team – “Slow Bloom”

5. Filth Is Eternal – “Love is a Lie, Filth is Eternal”

6. Himiko Cloud – “Telomeres”

7. Noroth – “Harbinger”

8. Nox Novacula – “Ascension”

9. Heiress – “Distant Fires”

10 . Mortiferum – “Preserved in Torment”

Martin Douglas, KEXP

  1. Enumclaw, “Jimbo Demo”
  2. Wolftone, “User Friendly Genocide”
  3. Wild Powwers, “What You Wanted”
  4. AJ Suede, “Avada Kedavra” / “Re:Vada Kedavra”
  5. Bruce Leroy, “Minerals”
  6. Acid Tongue, “Arboretum”
  7. Linda from Work, “Burnout”
  8. Antonioni, “Antonioni”
  9. Jarv Dee & Bad Colours, “BLAKHOUSE”
  10. Dizzi Slick & Keyboard Kid, “Keys to the Trap”

Besa Gordon, KUBE 93.3


Macntaj: Big Bloc Meign

Travis Thompson: BLVD BOY

Livt: Flowers in the Void

Parisalexa: Finishline

Marshall Law Band: Jam in the Van

Jay Loud: Soul Talk

28AV: Czarleo

Ca$hier: Shooting Star

Ryan Caraveo: Northend Sweetheart

Taylor Hart, Respect My Region

Talaya., “Existential Soul”

Laureli & Samurai Del, “From Seattle With Love”

Greg Cypher, “Third Stone”

Macntaj, “Big Bloc Meign”

Noah Coinflip, “Peaks”

Travis Thompson, “BLVD BOY”

Gilton East, “WAY98023”

Sol, “Supply Pack”

Wffls, “Thanksluv: Pure Maple, Vol. 2”

Parisalexa, “Finishline”

Jas Keimig, The Stranger

Advertisement — Freedom EP

Prom Queen — Lucky EP

Wild Powwers — What You Wanted

Julia Shapiro — Zorked

Enumclaw—Jimbo Demo

Sango, Waldo — Lake Effect

Spirit Award — Lunatic House

youryoungbody — eXcess 

The Berries —Throne of Ivory (Singles & B-sides)

Coral Grief — Coral Grief EP

Paul Rauch, Earshot and All About Jazz

 1. Jim Knapp Orchestra, “It’s Not Business, It’s Personal”

 2. Jared Hall, “Seen on the Scene”

 3. Meridian Odyssey, “Second Wave”

 4. Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, “I Told You So”

 5. Brent Jensen, “More Sounds of a Dry Martini”

 6. Neil Welch, “The Ink Around It”

 7. Ann Reynolds Trio, “Inspired by Women Composers”

 8. Eric Verlinde, “Crazy Lazy Day”

 9. Alex Dugdale, “The Dugout”

10. John Coltrane, “A Love Supreme Live in Seattle”

Dan Ray, Dan’s Tunes

King Sheim, “The Greek Tragedy EP”

De’Brea Cavaiani, “Everything You”

Elvis Batchild, “Batchild Begins”

John Thornburg, “Nimbus”

Fun Forest, “Life’s a Party and You’re Working It”

Ghoul Talk, “Magician”

The Purrs, “We Thought There’d Be More People Here”

Mirabai Kukathas, “Songs to the Monsters Under My Bed”

Thavaron, “Ugly”

Travis Thompson, “BLVD Boy”

Michael Rietmulder, The Seattle Times

Acid Tongue, “Arboretum”

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, “I Told You So”

Enumclaw, “Jimbo Demo” EP

Filth is Eternal, “Love is a Lie, Filth is Eternal”

Fretland, “Could Have Loved You”

Highway, “Count Fast Untitled” EP

Jarv Dee, “BlakHouse” EP

Left at London, “t.i.a.p.f.y.h.”

Travis Thompson, “BLVD BOY”

Wolves in the Throne Room, “Primordial Arcana”

Eva Walker, KEXP

Warren Dunes “Get Well Soon”

Parisalexa “Finishline”

The True Loves “Sunday Afternoon”

La Luz “La Luz”

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio “I Told You So”

Jarv Dee x Bad Colours “BlakHouse EP”

The Barrett Martin Group “Stillpoint”

Antonioni “Antonioni”

Red Ribbon “Planet X”

MYXA “Snap Snakes”

Ah, what a year it has been! As we wrap up the final days of 2021, take a look back at some of the year’s highlights, including the best Seattle albums, our staff’s favorite TV shows and more.