For our second-annual critics poll, we asked more than 20 music writers, radio tastemakers and plugged-in media folks to submit their top 10 Seattle and Washington state albums of the year. Check out the results here. Below are their individual ballots.

Jasmine Albertson, KEXP writer (albums unranked)

Great Grandpa – Four of Arrows

Guayaba – Fantasmagoria

Perry Porter – Bobby Ro$$

Pedro the Lion – Phoenix

Versing – 10000

Death Cab for Cutie – The Blue EP

NAVVI – 2502

Julia Shapiro – Perfect Version

Tacocat – This Mess Is a Place

Ben Zaidi – Abandonism


Matt Ashworth, Nadamucho

1. somesurprises – somesurprises

2. Versing – 10000

3. Aaron Semer – Cape Disappointment

4. OCnotes – Better Days/You Don’t Shampoo Your Hair (single)

5. Left At London – Transgender Street Legend

6. Double Or Muffin – Double Or Muffin

7. Ex Licks – Ex Licks

8. Garden Chat – I Will Follow the Spirit of It All

9. Unlikely Friends – We Blast Last! A Love Letter to the Fabulous Bands of the Pacific Northwest (Bill Clinton)

10. Guayaba Presents – Fantasmagoría


Casey Carter, KUBE 93.3 (unranked)

Perry Porter “Bobby Ro$$”

Jay Park “The Road Less Traveled”

Laza “In The Mean Time”

Souf Souf “Souf Souf”

Romaro Franceswa “Please Don’t Tell My Mama”

Dave B “Bleu”

KOTH “King of the Hill”

Jay Loud “Nap Town”

Travis Thompson “Reckless Endangerment”

MistaDC “HAPPYer Now”


Marco Collins, KEXP DJ

1. Great Grandpa – “Four of Arrows”

2. Ess Ford & Gunior The Godfather – “206”

3. Ben Zaidi & Budo – “Abandonism”

4. Spekulation – “The Crossover Event, Vol. 2”

5. CarLarans – “RAW HNNY”

6. Travis Thompson – “Reckless Endangerment”

7. Rudy Willingham – “Dunk Reactions”

8. Navvi- “2502”

9. Cataldo – “Literally Main Street”

10. The Winter Shakers – “Almost There”


Paul de Barros, Seattle Times contributor and former staff music writer (unranked)

Kelley Johnson, “Something Good”

Kiki Valera, “Vivencias En Clave Cubana”

Kassa Overall, “Go Get Ice Cream and Listen to Jazz”

Chuck Deardorf, “Perception”

Greta Matassa, “Portrait”

Samantha Boshnack’s Seismic Belt, “Live in Santa Monica”

Neil Welch, “After the Rain” (single)

Sara Gazarek, “Thirsty Ghost”

Johnny Griffin and Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, “Ow: Live at the Penthouse”


Martin Douglas, KEXP writer

1. The Black Tones – Cobain & Cornbread

2. Perry Porter – Bobby Ro$$

3. AJ Suede – The Theology of Rhyme

4. Chastity Belt – Chastity Belt

5. Seaan Brooks – Keep the Peace

6. Béret – Jesus White

7. Dogbreth – Ever Loving

8. Dude York – Falling

9. LIV† – Black Girl Unbothered

10. Weep Wave – S.A.D.


Gillian G. Gaar, author and Northwest Music Scene contributor

1. The Minus 5, “Stroke Manor”

2. Sleater-Kinney, “The Center Won’t Hold”

3. Mudhoney, “Morning in America”

4. Richard Peterson, “Seven”

5. Filthy Friends, “Emerald Valley”

6. The Black Tones, “Cobain & Cornbread”

7. Sassy Black, “Ancient Mahogony Gold”

8. Giants in the Trees, “Volume 2”

9. Tacocat, “This Mess is a Place”

10. Tiny Holes, “City of Siege: Olympia”


Besa Gordon, KUBE 93.3 (unranked)

Laza: In the Meantime

Ca$hier: Horns & a Halo

Lil Mosey: Certified Hitmaker

Frenchyoso: Apply Pressure

Travis Thompson: Reckless Endangerment

Gifted Gab: Cause & Effect

Papa Black Davinci: From the S.E.A.

Ellis Prescott: In Love With Heartbreak

Mafi D: My Word is Law

Dave B.: Bleu


Steven Graham, The End 107.7 host of Locals Only

1. Cataldo – Literally Main Street

2. Dude York – Falling

3. Sol – Soon Enough

4. Travis Thompson – Reckless Endangerment

5. Tacocat – This Mess Is A Place

6. Great Grandpa – Four Of Arrows

7. Ings – Lullaby Rock

8. Telekinesis – Effluxion

9. The Black Tones – Cobain and Cornbread

10. Lemolo – Swansea


Taylor Hart, Respect My Region (unranked)

Porter Ray, “Eye of the Beholder” (from Dec 2018)

MistaDC, “Sorry We Lost You” (from Dec 2018)

Ellis Prescott, “In Love With Heartbreak”

Sol, “Soon Enough”

J’von, “Dream Surfer”

Perry Porter, “Bobby Ro$$”

Macntaj, “Trappy Gilmore 2”

Travis Thompson, “Reckless Endangerment”

Def Dee and LA, “Symmetry”

Blake Anthony, “Blake Anthony”


Dusty Henry, KEXP digital content manager

1. Chastity Belt – Chastity Belt

2. Pedro The Lion – Phoenix

3. Guayaba – Fantasmagoria

4. Somesurprises – Somesurprises

5. Perry Porter – Bobby R0$$

6. Great Grandpa – Four of Arrows

7. Lena Raine – Oneknowing

8. Seaan Brooks – Keep The Peace

9. YourYoungBody – Devotion

10. Flying Fish Cove – At Moonset


Sean Jewell, American Standard Time

1. LIVt – Black Girl Unbothered

2. Guayaba – Fantasmagoria

3. Alana Belle – The New Romantic

4. The Black Tones – Cobain & Cornbread

5. Amanda Winterhalter – What’s This Death

6. Aaron Semer – Cape Disappointment

7. Temple Canyon – Fortress

8. Brett Benton – You Got To Pray

9. Lori Goldston | Judith Hamann – Alloys

10. Annie Ford Band – At Night


Jasmyne Keimig, The Stranger (unranked)

The Berries, Berryland

Dave B, Bleu

Emma Lee Toyoda, I Don’t Wanna Play Ur Show

Gifted Gab, Cause & Effect

Guayaba, Fantasmagoria

Hibou, Halve

Julia Shapiro, Perfect Version


Perry Porter, Bobby RO$$

Youryoungbody, Devotion


Sharlese Metcalf, education and community engagement manager at KEXP 90.3 FM and former Audioasis host (unranked)

Somesurprises – Somesurprises

Youryoungbody – Devotion

Guayaba – Fantasmagoria

Select Level – Select Level

Joe Waine – Fat Dreams of Italy

Schnupp & the pups – Mannix

Quayde LaHüe – Love out of Darkness

Daisies – 2

Slowfoam – Scenes from a Dream

Brakebill – Out the Window


Stefan Milne, associate editor Seattle Met (unranked)

Actionesse, “The Deep, Bright Below”

The Black Tones, “Cobain and Cornbread”

Chastity Belt, “Chastity Belt”

Guayaba, “Fantasmagoría”

J’Von, “Dream Surfer”

Pedro the Lion, “Phoenix”

SassyBlack, “Ancient Mahogany Gold”

Scarlet Parke, “Flight Risk”

Somesurprises, “Somesurprises”

Tacocat, “This Mess Is a Place”


Christine Mitchell, Seattle Music Insider

1. Actionesse, “The Deep, Bright Below”

2. I Will Keep Your Ghost, “Versions”

3. Sleepover Club, “Wh(ph)oopsie!”

4. Great Grandpa, “Four of Arrows”

5. Thunderpussy, “Milk It”

6. Temple Canyon, “fortress”


Michael Rietmulder, Seattle Times music writer

1. Great Grandpa, “Four of Arrows”

2. Travis Thompson, “Reckless Endangerment”

3. Jay Loud, “Nap Town”

4. Perry Porter, “Bobby Ro$$”

5. Somesurprises, “Somesurprises”

6. Daisies, “What Are You Waiting For?”

7. Julia Shapiro, “Perfect Version”

8. Guayaba, “Fantasmagoria”

9. Kassa Overall, “Go Get Ice Cream and Listen to Jazz”

10. The Black Tones, “Cobain & Cornbread”


Dave Segal, The Stranger

1. somesurprises, “somesurprises”

2. N Chambers, “Facets”

3. Marc Barreca, “From The Gray And The Green”

4. Jimi Jaxon, “Ambience”

5. Leash, “Wrest”

6. Black Ends, “Sellout”

7. The Black Tones, “Cobain and Cornbread”

8. Versing, “10000”

9. sunking, “sunking”

10. blouseusa, “blouseusa2000”


Kim Selling, The Stranger

1. Guayaba, “Fantasmagoría”

2. Terror/Cactus, “Impulsos”

3. Taylar Elizza Beth, “Ripening”

4. Black Belt Eagle Scout, “At the Party with My Brown Friends”

5. Archie (fka PSA), “613” EP

6. Youryoungbody, “Devotion”

7. SassyBlack, “Ancient Mahogany Gold”

8. Claire George, “Bodies Of Water” EP

9. Great Grandpa – Four of Arrows

10. Mega Bog – Dolphine


Eva Walker, KEXP host of Audioasis

1.Black Ends “Sellout”

2.Brett Benton “You Got To Pray”

3. Warren Dunes “Welcome to Warren Dunes”

4. Dark Smith “Degressive”

5. Liv+ “Black Girl Unbothered”

6. TezaTalks “Apart to Chaos”

7. Da Qween “Renaissance Bitch”

8. Thunderpussy “Milk It”

9. Chris King and the Gutterballs “Pain Waves”

10. Travis Thompson, “Reckless Endangerment”


Jim Wilke, KNKX host of Jazz Northwest (unranked)

Kelley Johnson, “Something Good”

Greta Matassa, “Portrait”

Kiki Valera, “Vivencias en Clave Cubana”

Marina Albero, “A Life Soundtrack”

Ann Reynolds Clave Gringa, “Joy”

Chuck Deardorf, “Perception”

Xavier Lecouturier, “Carrier”

Peterson-Kohler Collective, “Winter Colors”

Jacqueline Tabor, “The Lady in the Gown”

Johnny Griffin & Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, “OW! Live at The Penthouse”