Payge Turner’s run on “The Voice” came to an unexpected end Tuesday night.

The Seattle indie soul singer was cut during the results show, one step from the final nine, following the first round of live performances on Monday night. Fans advanced 15-year-old singer Carter Rubin, and Turner’s coach, Gwen Stefani, chose cast-off country singer Ben Allen to advance.

Turner is the second straight Seattle resident to make it to the live performance rounds — though like Turner, Maple Valley’s Zan Fiskum was cut as fans entered the picture in Season 18.

The decision appeared to have more to do with Stefani’s rivalry with her fiance, Blake Shelton, than with the performances. Stefani selected Allen to her team after Shelton cut the singer earlier. That ended up costing Turner, who earned constant praise from Stefani and her fellow coaches in her three performances prior to Monday’s show.

“I love you guys so much,” Stefani said during Tuesday’s broadcast as the two contestants she spurned walked off stage. “I’m just playing a game.”

Turner performed NSYNC’s “It’s Gonna Be Me,” playing a powder blue electric guitar. She once again received high praise for her work.


“It was so beautiful and so you and so cool,” Stefani said of the performance, adding: “From a distance, I was seeing Prince standing there.”

It wasn’t enough to earn Stefani’s vote, though. While Turner didn’t advance, the show got the band leader and instructor at the School of Rock in West Seattle noticed with her distinctive range and style, something Stefani alluded to before cutting her.

“You are my homie, like, I’m just saying,” Stefani said to Turner. “I feel excited for you. I know that after this show — I saw you grow as well — and this is just a moment in your career. There’s so much more to come.”