Justin Bieber and seven friends walk into a bar...

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Justin Bieber, an unpaid check, a minor scuffle at a local bar — and a TMZ post. What is this, Los Angeles?

It’s not often a Seattle bar is visited by a celebrity as big as Bieber, and it’s even less often that said bar makes headlines, but that’s what happened when he paid a visit to The Whisky Bar in Belltown and forgot to pay his tab Sunday night.

After the bar posted a cheeky tweet poking fun at the singer, TMZ was on the case faster than you could say “celebrity gossip monger.” Cue gotcha headline, “DRINK AND DITCH … On Pricey Scotch Tab,” replete with a security cam image.

In town for his KeyArena show on Wednesday, Bieber showed up at the bar at about 11:30 p.m. Sunday night, rolling seven people deep, according to bar manager Mike Carroll. Though Bieber and his posse spent most of the night in a “snug room,” a cozy side area with a booth and fireplace, that didn’t stop the 30 or so customers from noticing that one of the biggest celebrities was in their midst.

But, Carroll said, the bar staff had no idea that Bieber was Bieber until the patrons alerted them.

‘They were all really nice and super friendly. Justin shook everyone’s hands, said hi,” Carroll said. “Once we figured out what was going on, he was really cool.”

The group had come from a bigger party at the Aston Manor nightclub in Sodo, and were having a nightcap. For the hour they were there, they kept a low profile and ordered a round of GlenDronach, a 12-year old single malt scotch. “They wanted a midrange whisky to sip on and that’s something we do very well,” Carroll said.

This being Seattle and not too-cool-for-school Los Angeles or New York where people pretend celebrities are just like us, a few women wanted an autograph.

When Bieber’s security detail resisted, a man who was with the group of women got irritated and “jawed off,” said Carroll.

The woman’s companion started “getting belligerent and there was some sort altercation,” said one of the bar’s owners, Donna Pickering.

A screenshot of Justin Bieber from the Whisky  Bar’s security footage. Bieber’s wearing a white hat.
A screenshot of Justin Bieber from the Whisky Bar’s security footage. Bieber’s wearing a white hat.

Bieber and his posse went outside for a cigarette, “and just decided it was time to leave,” she said.

The bill, $131.52, was left behind.

Not to worry, though, yesterday one of Bieb’s capital-p People called and settled up.

They even left a 30 percent tip.

“We have no hard feelings toward Justin Bieber and entourage,” Carroll said. “This has been a positive experience. It’s pretty fun.”

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