Seattle chamber-folk heroes Fleet Foxes' vocal harmonizing lived up to expectations:

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Seattle chamber-folk heroes Fleet Foxes‘ vocal harmonizing lived up to expectations:

When the rest of the intruments came in, the bass hit like a sustained depth charge. The thick rumble was punctuated by booming mallet work on the drums; rich and powerful, but soft, there was no snare. Fleet Foxes‘ songs swelled and shifted, and with the sun raining on everyone’s brain, changed the Gorge into one big, floating dream.

The band looked like woodsy college students. Except lead Fox Robin Pecknold, who looked like an elf.

The Gorge was the perfect place to see the band: its grand landscape looks like America, but also like the moon. Fleet Foxes, too, was familiar and alien at the same time, but always sweeping and profound.

To top this performance, the next place I see Fleet Foxes play better be Stonehenge.