New recordings released this week include Olympia indie-rock band Nudity’s “Astronomicon,” plus new discs by Larry Coryell, Cassandra Wilson and the duo Matt and Kim.

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Nudity, ‘Astronomicon’ (Iron Lung)

Brash Olympia-based outfit Nudity mixes and matches different musical styles on its latest release at a pace that leaves you dizzy. There are the guitar heroics of heavy metal, traces of rockabilly, ’80s synth-driven power pop and a touch of trippy prog rock, all topped off by the vocal antics of guitarist Dave Harvey, whose delivery brings to mind the feisty discordant punch of Poly Styrene, lead singer of the ’70s British punk band X-Ray Spex.

Harvey’s high-pitched intensity becomes monotonous after a bit, though his sense of the dramatic undoubtedly works well in a live setting. The band has the most fun when getting the chance to stretch out, as on “(I’ve Got The) Death Energy,” which seems like it’s going to be a standard two-and-a-half minute pop song, then suddenly changes course and races on for another six-and-a-half minutes, the guitars and synthesizers jousting each other for superiority.

The closing track, “Here Comes the White Light,” is similarly sprawling, starting with a whine of synthesizer before the tempo picks up and the droning becomes a relentless wash of sound.

Other new releases

Larry Coryell, “Heavy Feel“ (Wide Hive)

Cassandra Wilson, “Coming Forth By Day” (Legacy)

Matt and Kim, “New Glow” (Harvest)