Josh Tillman, who left the drum chair in the Fleet Foxes in 2012 and reinvented himself as Father John Misty, became a star in his own right with the album “I Love You, Honeybear.” He performs at the Paramount Theatre on Wednesday, April 6.

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Josh Tillman, as many in Seattle might know him, comes to the Paramount Theatre on Wednesday (April 6). You won’t see Tillman onstage though; you’ll see Father John Misty, the musical persona Tillman has adopted since he left the Fleet Foxes in 2012. That same year he released an album under the Father John Misty name, transforming himself from the quiet drummer of the Foxes into a mesmerizing frontman of his own band.

The ambitious Tillman has recorded or played in almost a dozen Seattle bands, but it is as Father John Misty that he has found fame. Though his live shows — where he moves a bit like a long, tall Jim Morrison mixed with Nick Cave — were what initially drew fans, last year’s “I Love You, Honeybear” made him a star. The album, which proved Tillman’s songwriting acumen, placed on almost every critic’s top 10 list.

In performance, he slinks onstage, and it’s always a bit hard to know how much of the Father John persona is a joke. What is clear, though, is that he becomes the creation he has made onstage. If he’s an actor, he’s not one you will ever see break the fourth wall to the audience.

Seattle was one of the first places to break Tillman (he records on Sub Pop), so expect a large crowd, who will sing along to every one of his songs.

7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 6, at the Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine St., Seattle; $35.75 (877-784-4849 or