With her No. 1 jazz album, “Turn Up the Quiet,” Krall returned to Woodinville for a magical night.

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Riding the success of her No. 1 jazz album, “Turn Up the Quiet” released by Verve Records in May, masterful Canadian singer-pianist Diana Krall delivered a magical, expressive concert Friday at Chateau Ste. Michelle to a sold-out crowd on the winery lawn.

Seated at the piano, wearing a floor-length black print dress, Krall ranged through a sample of songs from the romantic new album, as well as other tunes in a delightful variety of moods, a program Krall described as an “emotional weather report.” Though she hit a few scratchy notes at the start (thanks to the onset of a mild cold), by the time Krall and her crackerjack band got to their playful rendition of “Blue Skies” – which included an interpolation of Thelonious Monk’s be-bop take on the tune, “In Walked Bud” – she leaned into the evening with relaxed abandon.

“I’m having a tremendous time,” she said, then launched into a jaunty “On the Sunny Side of the Street.”

One of the evening’s great pleasures was the band’s quick-witted interplay. On a vigorously up-tempo version of Peggy Lee’s “I Don’t Know Enough About You,” guitarist Anthony Wilson dropped in a quote from “Sweet Georgia Brown,” which was echoed by fiddler Stuart Duncan, then again by Krall at the piano.

But the crowd most likely went home humming “Sway,” the slinky, steamily seductive tune from the new album, which Krall lingered over with luxurious languor. A long jam on Tom Waits’ “Temptation” evoked a similarly smoky mood, reinforced visually by the rise of a crescent moon, which hung in the sky the rest of the evening.

Krall followed “Temptation” with her spine-tingling version of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You,” drawing the crowd fully into her world, as only she can.

Other highlights of the evening included an upbeat, Nat Cole-like rendition of “L-O-V-E”; a pellucid and perfectly-phrased version of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Quiet Nights,” and a nicely-pumping “Moonglow.” Her 90-plus-minute set concluded with a lickety-split “Just You, Just Me” and a rollicking, boogie-down encore of The Band’s “Ophelia.”

This was Krall’s first appearance at the Chateau since 2012. One only hopes she does not stay away so long again.