"I wish Seattle would just take me back!" the former Nirvana drummer says.

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It’s been a long time since Dave Grohl traded dark and drizzly Seattle for sunny industry mecca L.A. But it seems the city where he spent his formative rock ‘n’ roll years is still near and dear to his heart, at least according to a new promo video.

The leading Foo Fighter shot a short film professing his love for his former hometown in a series for local tourism booster Visit Seattle. It’s eight minutes of Grohl being Grohl, the likable goof ball and every-man rocker who’s not too cool to get a little sentimental.

The five-part Dear Seattle series also features shorts from local filmmakers Josh Taft, Megan Griffiths and JJ Augustavo sharing stories about their hometown.

In the promo video, which was unveiled today at the Sundance Film Festival, Grohl recalls his first night in Seattle eating grilled octopus and catching a Nirvana show packed with “trailer park kids with greasy long hair wearing clothes that they bought at Fred Meyer or the Salvation Army.”

“I still dress like kids I saw at that gig that night,” he jokes.

The story goes that before he set off on tour with his Virginia-based punk band Scream, Grohl’s mom asked him to tell her if he found a city he thought she’d love to retire in. After landing in Seattle, Grohl fell in love with the landscape, music, food (save for that grilled octopus) and “tempo of the city,” and knew it was the place.

“It seemed like Seattle didn’t need anyone but Seattle, and I like that about it,” he says.

Grohl goes on to reminisce about shooting pool with the city’s grunge kings, going to bed at 9 a.m. in Kurt Cobain’s tiny apartment and the darker days after Cobain’s death. “When I go back to Seattle I always rent a car and drive around to these places I spent time and I find myself driving slower when I get to the places that broke my heart, because I want that to stay with me,” Grohl says in a somber moment.

The modern rock great will have another chance to visit his old stomping grounds when the Foo Fighters return for a Sept. 1 concert at Safeco Field. The Foo Fighters are also up for a pair of Grammy awards this weekend and will compete with another Seattle legend for best rock performance.

“It’s still in my veins,” he says of the city. “It became this part of my DNA that serves as this divining rod wherever I go. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Seattle. It was the perfect place for a person like me. I wish Seattle would just take me back!”

You’re welcome anytime, Dave.