The local teen who scored a viral hit with "Pull Up" didn't have glowing things to say about the Seattle rap scene.

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If he wasn’t on your radar before, maybe now he will be. For those needing a refresher, local teen rapper Lil Mosey caught internet fire last December when his video for his syrupy Soundcloud hit “Pull Up” was picked up by the hip-hop blog Elevator. It has since been viewed more than 11 million times, helping him land opening slots on tours with fellow breakout teen Smooky MarGiella and Smokepurpp even while he was largely unknown in his hometown.

But some not so flattering remarks about Seattle’s hip-hop scene have made him arguably more talked about back home than his out-of-nowhere success. In a recent interview with the vlog No Jumper, first spotted by local hip-hop blog Respect My Region, Mosey had high praise for the Emerald City’s weed and that’s about it, saying “there’s nothing going on in Seattle” musically.

“In Seattle, the music, I’m really the only (n-word) make it out there,” he tells No Jumper, “but other than that, there’s nothing going on in Seattle.”

Ouch. Based on the video, which you can watch below, Mosey’s been spending most of his time in Los Angeles since dropping out of the 10th grade after “Pull Up” went viral. Perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising that the young rapper may not have the most reverence for — or even a comprehensive awareness of — Seattle’s hip-hop scene, considering his circumvention of the usual conquer-your-region pathway to success, and the fact that he isn’t old enough to frequent some of the clubs/bars where talented locals perform. He goes on to extol Atlanta artists like Migos, Gunna and Lil Baby, whose brand of woozy trap anthems, like Mosey’s, aren’t exactly synonymous with the Northwest. Mosey did, however, shout out the recently deceased Seattle rapper Kari Cash.

The reaction online from Seattle’s hip-hop community has been a mix of incredulousness, figurative eye-rolls, the occasional sympathizer and, naturally, snark aplenty.

A representative for Lil Mosey did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment. But in an Instagram story Tuesday afternoon, Mosey offered the following:

“I only (expletive) with a couple heads in Seattle and the soufend, all my (n-word) in the norf if y’all don’t know about us you will Fosholy,” he wrote in an Instagram story tagging Everett and Los Angeles. “I was tryna help Seattle get on but (n-word) can’t see the bigger picture that’s why you haven’t made it out.”

Later that evening, Mosey followed up with another post striking a more conciliatory tone. “Everyone’s saying I’m hating on Seattle, but they’re taking that out of context,” he said in a video. “What I really meant to say was I’m the only new wave artist to really break out of Seattle. There’s a lot of hidden talent, there’s a lot of new wave artists that haven’t been recognized by the world yet. I’m trying to put on for my city. I’m trying to do what Drake did for Toronto.”

Beyond the initial incendiary comments, the young rapper also discussed a new album slated for a July release, his affinity for Xanax and Seattle weed.

“That’s the only thing that Seattle is good for,” he said of the latter.

Go, Seahawks?

(Note: This video contains explicit language.)