At historic Royal Esquire Club, members add new energy amid a changing Seattle

Randy Cross and LV Glover dance at the the Royal Esquire Club’s First Friday Networking Social CQ in Columbia City. Cross is a longtime member of the Royal Esquire Club. “We take a lot of pride in putting on quality events and being supportive of our youth in the community and will continue to be a part of the great city of Seattle,” says Carl Copeland CQ, with the Royal Esquire Club.  
*Please try to keep info and quotes in captions. Did extra reporting to help the reader better understand the Royal Esquire Club. 209694

In recent years, the black men's social club, founded more than 70 years ago, has faced big challenges, including gentrification and an aging membership. But a motivated and growing cadre of members is working to revitalize this longtime hub for the city's African American community.

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