One drinks blood, the other doesn't. Yet Parker Posey and Jessica Biel — vampire and vampire-hunter, respectively — add a lot of sexy bite to "Blade: Trinity," which...

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One drinks blood, the other doesn’t. Yet Parker Posey and Jessica Biel — vampire and vampire-hunter, respectively — add a lot of sexy bite to “Blade: Trinity,” which opened Wednesday.

The third entry in the series finds the half-human, half-vampire Blade (Wesley Snipes) battling the reawakened Dracula with a ragtag band of heroes who hunt bloodsuckers for sport and the good of humanity.

Posey — the “indie movie queen” who’s also had high-profile turns in “You’ve Got Mail” and “Laws of Attraction” — plays vamp chick Danica Talos.

Biel — the former co-star of the WB’s squeaky-clean “7th Heaven” who got curvy and courageous in last year’s remake of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” — is Abigail Whistler, a second-generation monster-hunter with a crossbow and a killer midriff.

“The action-horror stuff is fun because it’s such a fantastical world, you can be completely outrageous or over the top,” says Biel, 22. “And it’s a whole different audience. I mean, my action figure for ‘Texas Chainsaw’ comes with a side of meat on a hook! It’s like, ‘Oh, Barbie comes with a hat and pumps, and Jessica Biel comes with a slab of beef!’ “

Posey says she had a very different take.

Jessica Biel plays a crossbow-wielding vampire slayer in “Blade: Trinity.”

“I have more of a camp sensibility,” says Posey, 36. “I wanted Danica to be annoyed, kind of punky and sort of over the whole ‘living forever’ thing … she’s very blasé about the whole thing. Life doesn’t matter at all to her now.”

Sass is exactly what writer-director David Goyer wanted from his supernatural leading ladies.

“Jessica exudes hotness and has a commanding physical presence, and I just think there’s nothing more attractive than a really beautiful woman who’s really proficient with a crossbow and can do martial arts,” says Goyer.

“As for Parker, she’s very punk rock. With Blade, who’s a scary guy, she approached him like a girl would in an East Village bar: She’s just not impressed with him.”

The two actresses have had very different careers: Biel, raised in Boulder, Colo., was a teen model who shocked her “7th Heaven” fans with a racy photo spread in Gear magazine. Next, she’s a corporate-ladder climber who splits from her boyfriend (Orlando Bloom) in Cameron Crowe’s summer movie “Elizabethtown.”

Posey, a native of Laurel, Miss., studied acting at SUNY-Purchase before gaining attention in 1993 as one of the stoners in “Dazed and Confused.” Next month, she’ll be Off-Broadway with Ethan Hawke in a revival of David Rabe’s “Hurlyburly.”

“Usually I don’t get cast in horror things like this,” says Posey. “But who knows, maybe this’ll start a trend, and when I’m old I’ll do my own ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?’ “