Some titles available for home viewing and streaming starting Sunday, July 15.

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Here’s what’s new on Video on Demand, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other services.

Top streams of the week

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays disillusioned idealist Edward Snowden in “Snowden” (2016, R), Oliver Stone’s drama about the National Security Agency whistleblower who leaked thousands of classified documents revealing extensive government surveillance. Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart and Lily Gladstone are “Certain Women” (2016, R) in Kelly Reichardt’s intimate, compassionate portrait of frustrations, isolation and small victories in the American Midwest. Streaming on Netflix.

“A Quiet Place” (2018, PG-13) is a horror film with a high-concept premise (alien invaders hunt humans by sound). But behind the jumps and monster-movie spectacle is a drama rooted in guilt and love and the drive to protect family at all costs. On VOD and Cable on Demand; also on DVD and at Redbox.

The shot-in-Oregon drama “Lean on Pete” (2018, R), starring Charlie Plummer as a teenager who bonds with a horse, debuts on VOD and disc; Amazon Prime Video subscribers can stream it for free.

Pay-Per-View / Video on Demand

Jason Clarke stars as Ted Kennedy in “Chappaquiddick” (2018, PG-13), which dramatizes the real-life car accident that killed a young woman (played by Kate Mara) and the ensuing scandal. Also new: road-movie comedy “The Leisure Seeker” (2017, R) with Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland.

Available same day as select theaters nationwide is “Shock and Awe” (2018, R), starring Woody Harrelson and James Marsden as reporters digging into the lies behind the 2003 Iraq war.


Ben Affleck made his directorial debut with the modern private-eye drama “Gone Baby Gone” (2007, R), based on the novel by Dennis Lehane and starring his brother, Casey Affleck.

Kid stuff: the Netflix Original animated series “The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants: Season 1.”

Amazon Prime Video

Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” (1975, PG) is the original summer blockbuster.

Also new: “NYPD Blue: The Complete Series” (1993-2005), the great modern cop drama featuring Dennis Franz.


Lake Bell directs and stars as a voice artist in a male-dominated business in the entertainment-industry comedy “In a World” (2013, R).

The Hulu original series “Harlots: Season 2,” set in the culture of sex workers in 18th-century London brothels, is now underway. Two episodes are now streaming; new episodes arrive each Wednesday.


Amy Adams is a reporter confronting the psychological scars of her past while covering a murder in the HBO Original miniseries “Sharp Objects.” New episodes arrive each Sunday.

Emma Stone and Steve Carell play tennis stars Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in “Battle of the Sexes” (2017, PG-13),

New on disc this week

“A Quiet Place,” “Chappaquiddick,” “The Leisure Seeker,” “Lean on Pete.”

Now available at Redbox

“A Quiet Place,” “Chappaquiddick,” “The Leisure Seeker,” “Lean on Pete,” “Social Animals.”