In the glorious ongoing experiment that is Moira’s Book Club, we have ventured into something new: a mini film series, focused on adaptation. Our first event, held last Sunday at the Beacon Cinema, where we watched the 1993 Merchant-Ivory film “The Remains of the Day” after reading the Kazuo Ishiguro novel on which it was based, was a full house, a lively discussion and a lot of fun.

So we’re back for round two: At 2 p.m.* on Sunday, Feb. 23 at The Beacon, we’ll be watching the Oscar-winning 2005 drama “Brokeback Mountain,” directed by Ang Lee and starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal as two cowboys who unexpectedly find themselves in love. Afterwards, we’ll discuss both the film and the Annie Proulx short story on which it was based. (I’m thinking it will be particularly interesting to look at the process of creating a movie from a work of short fiction, where it’s more a matter of expanding the story than, as with a novel, trimming it to fit a movie’s confines.)

Tickets for the screening are $12.50 and can be purchased online from The Beacon at this link. If you’re interested, I recommend haste; the theater is a cozy one and “The Remains of the Day” sold out quickly. Please do read Annie Proulx’s story before the event; it can be purchased in book form, is currently available at Seattle Public Library and King County Library System, or can be read online at The New Yorker, where it was originally published in 1997.  The Beacon is located at 4405 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle; info: or 206-420-SEAT. We’ll also have an online conversation, for those unable to make it to the screening; that date will be announced soon.

Looking forward to the screening/conversation; see you there!


*An earlier post gave an incorrect time; it is 2 p.m.