Dear readers — yikes! Can it be done?

Can we, at last, leave ’21?

A year in which, for months on end,

The movies closed: we’d lost a friend.

We sat at home and streamed and dreamt

And tried to not get too verklempt

‘Til summer when, for one brief burst,

We got to slake our movie thirst.

And since then, well, as you can see

We’re not quite where we’d like to be.

The movies opened, with great care

But some of us just can’t be there.

And so we wait — but, to keep sane,

Some old traditions must remain.

So worry not, ‘cause I’m still here

To rhyme a partial movie year!

A year that brought old friends anew:

Look: Spider-Man and MJ, too!

Black Widow’s origins filled a screen

And “Matrix” — hey, where’s Neo been?

The Rock in “Jungle Cruise” was fine

But still I missed him in “F9.”

Shang-Chi” with his 10 rings was strong

Eternals” felt a bit too long.

In “House of Gucci” Leto hammed,

In “Nightmare Alley” Cooper scammed.

We went Down Under for “The Dry

And “Spencer” brought back Princess Di.

Cruella” showed off knockout frocks;

“The Tender Bar” served Scotch on rocks.

King Richard” took us to the courts

And let Will Smith emote in shorts.

Dune” returned, in deserts dry,

Belfast” left me moist of eye,

Kidman took on Lucille Ball,

A Quiet Place” made my skin crawl.

In musicals, we saw the sights

Of “Tick Tick Boom!” and “In the Heights,”

And reveled in the dancey glory

Of Spielberg’s whirling “West Side Story.”

Also good, as you’d suspect:

J-Hud’s Aretha in ‘Respect.”

And just before this month did go,

Hello, “Macbeth” and “Cyrano”!

It wasn’t quite a year of plenty

But hey, at least it wasn’t ’20.

Our screens this year gave us a place

To see an unmasked stranger’s face.

And though we may have watched from home

Great movies let our spirits roam,

And made the year seem less a slog

(I did love “Power of the Dog”).

So let’s look out, with eyes anew

At what’s ahead for ’22.

As futures go, it isn’t shabby:

“Black Panther 2” AND “Downton Abbey”!

Now as this verse must fold its cloak

(I really need a Diet Coke)

To all I send much hope and cheer

Happy New Year, readers dear!


With apologies and respect to Roger Angell, whose annual “Greetings, Friends!” poems in The New Yorker inspired my yearly foray into verse.

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