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Update: Chat’s concluded, and rewound below. Join me back here on Oscar night!

Will Michael Keaton use his Batpowers to overcome Eddie Redmayne? Will Wes Anderson finally win an Oscar? Does “Selma” have any chance at all for Best Picture? And what about all that singing? One last live chat before Oscar night (and yes, if you want, we can talk “Fifty Shades of Grey 2: The Plot, Such As It Is, Thickens”)  . . . join me at noon on Friday, right here.

And don’t forget to return on Oscar night, where I’ll be live-chatting throughout the evening, starting at 4 p.m. (wait, how is 4pm “evening”?) with the red carpet, and continuing through until the Best Picture winner. If you want to skip the gowns and just jump in for the show, Neil Patrick Harris’ debut as host begins at 5:30 p.m. I’ll be fueled by Diet Coke, homemade cookies, and everyone who chats along with me. See you then!