Who's going to suit up next, after Daniel Craig? The Internet has plenty of ideas when it comes to casting the super spy.

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The Internet is, as usual, all a-twitter (ooh, see what I did there?) this week about James Bond — i.e., has Daniel Craig sipped his last martini as 007? And who might replace him? Word from the London tabloids is that Craig has indeed turned down a lucrative offer to return to the franchise. Assuming it’s true, in the absence of any official announcement, who might take his place? The leading contenders this week:

— Tom Hiddleston, who has recently called the idea of playing Bond “an extraordinary opportunity.” Which means . . . nothing at all, really. (Though there are rumors that he’s been spotted talking with Bond producers.) But he’d look good in the suit. As would . . .

— Idris Elba, whose name keeps popping up in this context. (The We Want Idris Elba For James Bond Facebook page has more than 35,000 likes, for what that’s worth, not to mention an extraordinarily suave mock-up of Elba’s image with the Bond logo.) But the Elba buzz may have peaked.

— New Bond Face of the Week: Jamie Bell, better known as young dancer-with-a-dream Billy Elliott (a lifetime ago; for the record, he’s now 30, and recently appeared in “Fantastic Four”). According to the tabloids, he’s in talks for the role. Which means . . . again, nothing.

— Gillian Anderson, who recently noted that the idea that she might be the next Bond is “the best rumor I’ve heard about myself” and tweeted a fan-made poster of herself as Bond to her followers.

— Priyanka Chopra, of “Quantico,” who in a recent interview said that she’s tired of being told that she’d make a great Bond Girl and would like to be Bond. I suspect she is not in the running.

Me, I’m still campaigning for Jude Law (watch him in “Spy,” and tell me he wouldn’t be perfect).  But I’ve got no problem with any of the gentlemen on this list. Or with Anderson, for that matter. Perhaps Bond has a long-lost sister?