Movie review of “He Never Died”: Gore and guffaws attend this very dark horror comedy, with Henry Rollins playing a guy who can’t be killed. Rating: 3 stars out of 4.

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Somewhere at some time somebody noticed Henry Rollins sure does have a great big forehead. So big and so wide, in fact, that it presents a tempting target for bullets. Shoot here! Can’t miss!

And so, at some point some film executives gave filmmaker Jason Krawczyk the go-ahead to make “He Never Died,” starring Rollins as a guy whose noggin gets perforated by numerous bullets. Which faze the character barely at all. Shot, and shot again, he picks up a pair of needlenosed pliers and calmly extracts the offending rounds from his cranium. It’s a scene that is some kind of funny.

So it is with “He Never Died.” Gore and guffaws attend this very dark horror comedy in roughly equal measure.

Movie Review ★★★  

‘He Never Died,’ with Henry Rollins, Kate Greenhouse, Jordan Todosey. Written and directed by Jason Krawczyk. 97 minutes. Rated R for bloody violence and language throughout. Pacific Place.

In addition to his large head, Rollins, actor, writer and former frontman for the punk band Black Flag, brings a fine deadpan manner to his performance in “He Never Died.” We’re talking Buster Keaton-level inexpressiveness here, as he plays a man cursed with eternal life (money quote: “I’m in the Bible”). He’s seen it all; he can’t be killed (though many people try); he talks in a monotone and he just wants to be left alone. To do what? Play bingo. It helps to take his mind off the bad noises in his head: screams, moans, Hitler rants.

Immortality, it’s a drag.

From his crummy dark apartment, he goes forth down dark alleys and dark streets, walking to the local church bingo hall and often into his favorite greasy spoon where many bad people find him and try to kill him. Removing icepicks, knives and of course bullets from his flesh, he settles the hash of his tormentors, who, unlike him, do indeed die.

“You’re kind of out there, aren’t you?” some sympathetic women ask.