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(An entirely unrelated thought, after sitting through the interminable “30 Minutes Or Less” last night: Has Jesse Eisenberg ever been in a movie in which his hair was combed? Just wondering.)
Anyway. On to bigger things; namely, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises.” Here’s the first official image of her in the film; looking smooth of hair (see, Jesse, it’s not so hard) and elaborately bespectacled, but not especially catlike. To the best of my knowledge, the filmmakers and studio have always referred to this character as Selena Kyle, not as Catwoman; is she not going to be feline this time around? Are we not going to get the treat, in our minds, of comparing the sublime Michelle Pfeiffer (“Meow”) with Hathaway? Or is Nolan just playing with us? Anyway, here’s Anne on her Catcycle or whatever it is, riding off with us into the weekend. See you Monday.
(Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Ent.)