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Right now, “Furious 7” is screening on Cinerama’s giant screen, and I’d bet that it looks pretty great there. (Especially that skyscraper-jumping stunt.) But later this month, the theater’s taking a break from big-budget blockbusters and programming a weeklong run of a Technicolor treat, in association with Seattle Art Museum.  Starting April 24 comes a Technicolor treat: “The Tales of Hoffman,” the 1951 adaptation of Jacques Offenbach’s opera, from Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger — makers of “The Red Shoes” (whose star, Moira Shearer, also appears in “Tales of Hoffman”).  The film, nominated for Oscars for Hein Heckroth’s stunning art direction and costume design, recently underwent a major restoration. Nice to see Cinerama — which has also been presenting a Saturday series of classic films — showing such variety. Information, and ticket sales:

Updated, 4/9: An earlier version of this post noted that Cinerama would also be programming the documentary “The Salt of the Earth” in April; a representative for the theater said Thursday that the booking had been cancelled.