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The votes are in for the P & P made-in-Seattle movie poll (and yes, I’m sorry about missing “Cinderella Liberty,” “The Slender Thread,” and a few others; let’s just call this the Made-in-Seattle-After-Around-1980 Movie Poll), and the overwhelming winner is . . . “Sleepless in Seattle,” with almost 40 percent of more than 1800 votes. “Singles” had a strong showing, with about 27 percent, followed in order by “Say Anything,” “The Fabulous Baker Boys” (my fave) and “Safety Not Guaranteed.” “Sleepless in Seattle” isn’t one of my very favorite rom-coms, but I’ll admit that it definitely plucks at the heartstrings. Here’s my “S in S” story: I once watched it on a plane, while flying from Seattle to New York for a romantic tryst with someone I’d been missing very much, and I cried so hard at the ending that the person next to me looked up from his kosher meal to ask if I was all right. So yes, this movie works. For everyone who knows and loves it, here’s its perfectly sweet ending. And a very romantic weekend to all of you, sleepless or otherwise.