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The votes are in for the P & P made-in-Seattle movie poll (and yes, I’m sorry about missing “Cinderella Liberty,” “The Slender Thread,” and a few others; let’s just call this the Made-in-Seattle-After-Around-1980 Movie Poll), and the overwhelming winner is . . .

“Sleepless in Seattle,” with almost 40 percent of more than 1800 votes.

  • “Singles” had a strong showing, with about 27 percent, followed in order by:
  • “Say Anything”
  • “The Fabulous Baker Boys” (my fave)
  • “Safety Not Guaranteed”

“Sleepless in Seattle” isn’t one of my very favorite rom-coms, but I’ll admit that it definitely plucks at the heartstrings.

Here’s my “S in S” story: I once watched it on a plane, while flying from Seattle to New York for a romantic tryst with someone I’d been missing very much, and I cried so hard at the ending that the person next to me looked up from his kosher meal to ask if I was all right.

So yes, this movie works. For everyone who knows and loves it, here’s its perfectly sweet ending.

And a very romantic weekend to all of you, sleepless or otherwise.