Dinosaurs in space, for reals — but could Han Solo run in heels? A poetic take on the best and worst movies of 2015.

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Dear readers, hey! It’s time once more

For movie versing to outpour.

Let’s pour a cup of year-end tea

And go upon a rhyming spree.

To start: a wish for weather fine

For fans stuck in a “Star Wars” line

And may the Force be with all those

Wide-eyed, still — at pre-dawn shows.

But here’s a query, just unfurled,

If “Star Wars” met “Jurassic World”:

Dinosaurs in space, for reals —

But could Han Solo run in heels?

Elsewhere, surely none could pout

When gazing up at “Inside Out”

Or, fixed in awe, before the sight

Of Tatum’s pecs in “Magic Mike.”

“Straight Outta Compton” was a hit

Tomlin’s “Grandma” — such a wit!

And weren’t we all in stunt-work heaven

With “Mad Max”/“Spectre”/“Furious 7”?

“Creed” brought Rocky back in view

Those “Cinderella” costumes — ooh!

“Ricki” starred a rockin’ Streep

And everyone loved “Shaun the Sheep.”

Some movies made us just ask “Why?”

Like Johnny Depp in “Mortdecai.”

Crowe’s “Aloha”? Best forgotten

Along with others misbegotten.

“No Escape?” Just Wilson, running.

“Pan”? Let’s say it wasn’t stunning.

“Pixels” met with indignation

And nobody went on “Vacation.”

“Stonewall” flopped; “The Walk,” well, stumbled;

“Burnt” just fizzled; “Legend” mumbled.

And, if you think my job’s just play,

I sat through “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

But, looking back, I’d rather dwell

On things that were, quite simply, swell:

Those “Spotlight” journos, busy poring,

Cate Blanchett’s face (it’s never boring),

That “Sils Maria” drifting sky,

The way that “Brooklyn” made me cry

“Crimson Peak’s” black-velvet gloom;

That “Martian” flight; that vivid “Room.”

Each stayed with me, for days on end —

That’s how a film becomes a friend.

(A friend who always — it’s no joke —

Brings both popcorn and Diet Coke.)

And through the year, I hope you found

Some movie pals to hang around.

So let’s remember ’15’s joys

And filter out what was just noise.

Now, squint ahead, at distant range

Look — Cumberbatch in “Dr. Strange!”

Here’s hoping that ’16’s good fun:

Happy New Year, everyone!