★★★★ (out of four) “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul” (R; 102 minutes): “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.” is the story of a smile under siege. The smile graces the face of Regina Hall in the role of Trinitie Childs, the wife of Lee-Curtis Childs (Sterling K. Brown), the charismatic but now disgraced pastor of a Black megachurch in Atlanta. Hall’s performance is remarkable, full of shadings and intimations of significant emotional depths. Brown is forceful, overpoweringly so, playing Lee-Curtis as a guy who is high on his own supply, of ego. The debut feature of director Adamma Ebo and her twin sister Adanne Ebo, the movie’s producer is a stunning cinematic accomplishment. Full review here. Multiple theaters and streaming on Peacock. — Soren Andersen, special to The Seattle Times

“Earwig” (not rated; 115 minutes): A 50-year-old caretaker is employed to look after 10-year-old girl, and his most important task is to maintain her dentures, which are made of ice and must be changed several times a day. SIFF Cinema Uptown.

“Gigi & Nate” (PG-13; 114 minutes): The film is based on a true story of a man with quadriplegia and his service animal, a capuchin monkey. Multiple theaters.

“The Good Boss” (not rated; 116 minutes; in Spanish, with subtitles): Written and directed by Fernando Leon de Aranoa, “The Good Boss” is a skewering workplace satire that the Europeans do best. When factory owner Blanco (Javier Bardem) expresses concern about how a protest by fired worker Jose (a terrific Óscar de la Fuente) looks bad for the company’s image and will destroy its chances of winning a coveted award, he is being a total management hypocrite, resulting in an amusing exposé of class hierarchy in modern-day Spain. Full review here. (The Boston Herald does not provide star ratings with reviews.) Seattle 10, SIFF Cinema Uptown. — James Verniere, Boston Herald

“Peter von Kant” (not rated; 85 minutes; in French, with subtitles): In this loose adaptation of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s play “The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant,” a successful director meets and falls in love with a young man he offers to help break into the world of cinema. SIFF Cinema Uptown.

“Wire Room” (R; 97 minutes): While on Wire Room duty — a high-tech command center surveilling the most dangerous criminals — a federal agent listens in as the target is attacked in his home by a hit squad. Without burning the wire yet, he must protect the investigation and the target’s life from the confines of a room 50 miles away. Galaxy Monroe.