★★★ (out of four) “The Last Duel” (R; 152 minutes): Director Ridley Scott, who knows a thing or two about how to mount sweeping historical epics (see “Gladiator”), is in his element here. Set in the world of 14th-century France, the tale, told from three perspectives, revolves around a woman’s accusation of rape, which unleashes a cascade of events that culminates in an impressively staged duel to the death between her husband (Matt Damon) and his best friend (Adam Driver). Jodie Comer and Ben Affleck co-star. Full review here. Multiple theaters. — Soren Andersen, Special to The Seattle Times

★½ “Halloween Kills” (R; 106 minutes): Filmmaker David Gordon Green and the gang are back with this installment that picks up where “Halloween” 2018 ended. Unfortunately, the execution is distressingly messy, a chaotic tangle of storylines. In an attempt to do too much, it ends up doing nothing at all. Full review here. Multiple theaters. — Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service

Also opening

“Demigod” (not rated, for mature audiences; 95 minutes): A woman (Rachel Nichols) discovers a terrifying secret after traveling to Germany’s Black Forest in director Miles Doleac’s horror film. Varsity.

“Hard Luck Love Song” (R; 104 minutes): A down-on-his-luck singer-songwriter (Michael Dorman) comes to an existential crossroad after a chance encounter with an old love and a series of bad decisions. Multiple theaters.