★★★½ (out of four) “Passing” (PG-13; 98 minutes): Rebecca Hall’s assured debut film, a tale of two light-skinned Black women — one of them choosing to live as white — unfolds like artful melodrama. Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga give masterful performances. Full review here. Crest Cinema Center; begins streaming on Netflix Nov. 10. — Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times movie critic

★★★ “Eternals” (PG-13; 157 minutes): What do you get when you combine a massive Marvel movie with a director who’s known for her brilliance with small-scale, meditative independent movies? “Eternals,” with its star-studded cast that’s notably diverse, provides the answer. Full review here. Multiple theaters. — Moira Macdonald

★★★ “Spencer” (R; 116 minutes): What’s most interesting about this impeccably elegant film is not its story — surely even those deeply interested in Princess Diana’s life have pondered every possible angle by now — but its central performance. Kristen Stewart is far from an obvious match for Diana, but her casting turns out to be strangely inspired. Full review here. Multiple theaters. — Moira Macdonald

The Souvenir: Part II” (R; 106 minutes): This sequel, which picks up more or less where the 2019 art-house favorite ends, is a portrait of an artist (played by Honor Swinton Byrne), whose lover died not long ago. It’s about life and art, inspiration and process, growing and becoming. And while it is familiar in many ways, this is the story of a recognizably faltering young woman who tells her disapproving male professors that her grad film will be about “life as I imagine it” — and then makes good on her statement of intent. The New York Times does not provide star ratings with reviews. Full review here. Meridian. — Manohla Dargis, The New York Times