★★★ (out of four) “Hatching” (not rated, for mature audiences; 87 minutes; in Finnish, with English subtitles): In director Hannah Bergholm’s fantastical horror fairy tale, a young girl (Siiri Solalinna) hatches a murderous bird monster out of an egg that she secretly nests in her bed, and that’s not even the scariest part — her perfectionist mommy blogger (Sophia Heikkilä) strikes the truest terror in the film. Full review here. Multiple theaters. — Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service

★★½ “Memory” (R; 114 minutes): Liam Neeson’s latest action thriller, which centers on a hit man with dementia who suddenly sprouts a conscience when one of the targets he’s been hired to kill turns out to be a 13-year-old girl, is a cut above average, for this sort of thing. It feels more like film noir — deliciously dark, cynical and slightly amoral. Full review here. Multiple theaters. — Michael O’Sullivan, The Washington Post

The Sound of Violet” (PG-13; 107 minutes): In Allen Wolf’s romantic comedy, filmed in Seattle and based on his award-winning novel, a young man thinks he’s found his soul mate, but his autism and trusting nature keep him from realizing she’s a prostitute. Cason Thomas and Cora Cleary star. Multiple theaters.

Firebird” (R; 107 minutes): This film, based on a true story, follows a soldier (Tom Prior) who becomes drawn to a charismatic fighter pilot (Oleg Zagorodnii) on a Soviet air force base in the 1970s. As their friendship grows into love, the men risk their freedom and their lives to be together in the face of an all-seeing communist regime. Seattle 10.