Here are snapshots of what our reviewers thought of the movies opening this week in the Seattle area. (Star ratings are granted on a scale of zero to four.)

★★★ “The Gentlemen” (R; 113 minutes): Guy Ritchie’s latest movie is an intricately structured picaresque tale featuring a rogue’s gallery of British crooks falling afoul of one another. The dialogue is meaty and produces some tasty performances, none more flavorful than that delivered by Hugh Grant. Full review. Multiple theaters. — Soren Andersen, Special to The Seattle Times

★★½ “The Last Full Measure” (R; 110 minutes): Todd Robinson’s drama depicts the long quest to award Air Force pararescue medic William Pitsenbarger the Medal of Honor 34 years after he perished in the Vietnam War. Although the script and aesthetic are rather melodramatic and oftentimes overly sentimental, the star-studded cast elevates the material with nuanced performances. Full review— Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service

“The Turning” (PG-13; 94 minutes): Ghosts appearing in mirrors. A mannequin that moves on its own. It’s-only-a-dream moments. This loose riff on “The Turn of the Screw,” updated to 1994, has it all. It also has Mackenzie Davis, too skilled an actress to be reduced to miming ashen poses as her character unravels mentally from fright. (The New York Times does not provide star ratings with reviews.) Full review. Multiple theaters. — Ben Kenigsberg, The New York Times