Dear readers, hey! Once more it’s time

For me to have some fun with rhyme.

A year’s gone past, with breathless haste

While scores of movies past me raced.

Let’s grab some tea, and thus recall

The films that held us all in thrall,

That made us laugh or gasp or frown

And gobble too much popcorn down.

(To ponder, as I make my climb:

With what word does “Avengers” rhyme?)

To Marvel’s gang — hello, goodbye!

(‘Fess up: Did “Endgame” make you cry?)

Brie’s Captain Marvel left us awed

While Spider-Man slung webs abroad.

Toy Story’s” gang came back to play 

Last Christmas” was no holiday.

We peeked at “Us,” through tensed-up fingers.

Lupita’s voice — oh yes, it lingers.

Midsommar” made sunlight scary

Maleficent” was one mean fairy.

In “Joker,” Phoenix got all moody

Renee Z. sang songs in “Judy

Downton Abbey” charmed with hats

(I’m trying not to think of “Cats.”)

We took some trips, both near and far

In a (Ford v) Ferrari car:

From Tarantino’s “Hollywood

To Mr. Rogers’ “Neighborhood.”

Knives Out” was pure whodunit fun

It Chapter Two” scared everyone

The Irishman” was long, but soared

In “Dead Don’t Die,” I just got bored.

On favorite films at last I’ll dwell:

The lovely mood of “The Farewell,”

Those “Booksmart” girls, so full of wit,

The heights that “Marriage Story” hit,

Amazing Grace’s” gorgeous hymn,

The breathless pace of “Queen & Slim,

That “Little Women” candlelight,

The wonder that was “Parasite.”

Such very different films, and yet,

They all had scenes I can’t forget.

And while your list won’t be like mine,

I hope you found some films divine.

Let’s take a peek at next year’s slate:

“In the Heights” just might be great.

James Bond is back, for yet one more,

Plus “Wonder Woman ’84”!

So, in the old year’s final croak,

As I sip one last Diet Coke,

I’ll end this with a heartfelt call:

Happy New Year to you all!

Author’s note: With apologies and respect to Roger Angell, whose annual “Greetings, Friends!” poems in The New Yorker inspired my own annual tradition of verse.