★★★ “Freaky” (R; 101 minutes): Take a familiar horror genre (the high school slasher), apply a high-concept narrative trope (“Freaky Friday”-style body swapping), add a couple of committed actors and stir vigorously, sprinkling generously with horror references to delight any genre fan. “Freaky” stars Kathryn Newton as mousy Millie, who ends up on the wrong end of an enchanted dagger wielded by serial killer the Blissfield Butcher (Vince Vaughn). The next morning, the Butcher wakes up in Millie’s body, and she wakes up as, well, Vaughn. In “Freaky,” the filmmakers create an anarchic space of gender and sexuality, where men can be vulnerable and girls can be feared. How liberating, and how fun. (Lincoln Square Cinemas, Alderwood mall 16, Southcenter, Factoria, Pacific Place, Oak Tree, Woodinville, Seattle 10, Varsity, Admiral, Bainbridge Cinemas) — Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service

★★★★ “The Climb” (R; 98 minutes): Three-quarters through “The Climb” comes a scene we’ve all come to expect in a romantic comedy: A wedding is interrupted by the best man who rushes into a church during a marriage ceremony and screams “I object!” Pretty typical stuff. Only in this case, it isn’t. Utterly original and excellent, this modern bromance is a thrilling ride, an unconventional and idiosyncratic American film that acts like an old-school arty European one. It’s the beautifully crafted creation of Michael Angelo Covino and Kyle Marvin, real-life best friends who star as best friends. They’ve written a touching and funny screenplay about modern masculinity. (Alderwood mall 16, Kent Station, Pacific Place, Southcenter, Woodinville, Admiral, Varsity) — Mark Kennedy, The Associated Press