Comedian Amy Schumer has given birth to her first child, providing even more fodder for her stand-up routine about being pregnant at the same time as actress-turned-duchess Meghan Markle.

“10:55 p.m. last night. Our royal baby was born,” the actress wrote Monday on Instagram, sharing a postpartum photo of herself, husband Chris Fischer and their new baby boy.

Much like one of her October pregnancy announcements, the “I Feel Pretty” star framed the news around the other royal baby boy — you know, the one Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan happened to also welcome early Monday morning. (That newborn is now seventh in line for the British throne.)

Schumer, 37, dealt with hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition involving extreme nausea and vomiting, throughout her term. Incidentally, the severe morning sickness was widely discussed when Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, suffered from it while pregnant with Britain’s Prince George, in 2012, and her other two children.

“I’ll tell you who it’s not fun to be pregnant at the exact same time as: Meghan Markle,” Schumer said in her recent Netflix stand-up special, “Growing.”

“I think we’re, like, to the day the same amount pregnant. She’s out there in, like, 6-inch heels, adorable outfits, and there’s been no bump. She, like, cups where the baby will be,” she quipped. “People see me and they’re like, ‘Oh, the last couple weeks are the hardest, right? Are you crowning? I think I can see an ear.’ “


The comic has chronicled those difficulties on social media and the Netflix show, which she said she was contractually obligated to see through despite her illness.

“I’m not like, ‘I don’t care; the show must go on.’ I’m like, ‘I will be sued by Live Nation.’ That’s why I’m here,” she said.

Schumer also revealed on Sunday that she and Fischer, whom she wed in February 2018, were having a baby boy.


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