If you could sum up 2016 in one word, what would it be? Let us know in the comments section.

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On Monday, Merriam-Webster unveiled its word of the year.

Its selection? Surreal.

“It just seems like one of those years,” Peter Sokolowski, Merriam-Webster’s editor at large, told The Associated Press.

But that’s only one expert’s selection. We thought we would ask you, our beloved Seattle Times readers, what word best encapsulates 2016 for you.

If you’re interested, please post your nomination and your reasons in the comments section below. We’ll have a look at the submissions later in the week and publish the most intriguing examples.

All-important caveat: This is a family newspaper.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, Merriam-Webster went beyond “surreal” and listed its Top 10 words for 2016. The rest of the list: bigly, deplorable, irregardless, icon, assumpsit, faute de mieux, in omnia paratus, revenant and feckless.

For Oxford Dictionaries, the top word was “post-truth,” which they said spiked in frequency in 2016 in connection with the U.S. presidential election and the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” referendum (whose supporters are, incidentally, known as “Brexiteers,” also a top word of the year).

Also on their short list? adulting, alt-right, chatbot, coulrophobia, glass cliff, hygge, Latinx and woke.

Dictionary.com chose to select only one word for 2016: xenophobia.

Their thinking? They said some of the biggest news stories of 2016 centered on a fear of the “other,” which was reflected in the site’s trending lookup data.

We asked some of our Facebook users what their word of the year was. Here’s what they had to say (click on the “comment” icon):