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In its own modest fashion, the frothy Chinese rom-com “My Lucky Star” aims to benefit from an international exchange: It’s a glossy, Hollywood-styled vehicle for versatile superstar Zhang Ziyi (of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Hero” fame), directed by American TV veteran Dennie Gordon and releasing simultaneously in the U.S. and mainland China.

A breezy riff on James Bond, “Charade” and the “Oceans Eleven” franchise, “My Lucky Star” is ostensibly a sequel to 2009’s “Sophie’s Revenge” (a big hit in China), but aside from Zhang reprising her titular role from that film, it’s a stand-alone feature, introducing Sophie as a lovelorn, daydreaming drone in a Beijing travel agency.

She indulges her romantic fantasies by writing and illustrating comic books, but after winning a sweepstakes trip to Singapore, she’s whisked into a real-life thriller involving the secret-agent man of her dreams (Wang Leehom) and a scheming arms dealer (Chen Yao) who’s stolen the “Lucky Star,” a huge, exotic diamond that powers a superweapon she’ll sell to the highest bidder.

It’s hardly original, but as the plot bounces from Singapore to Hong Kong and the lavishly gaudy Venetian Resort in Macao, “My Lucky Star” plays out like a sparkling, brightly lit travelogue with Zhang as a bubbly tour guide. Whether she’s posing as a nightclub sex kitten, singing gondolier or leather-clad badass, Zhang’s every bit as appealing here as she was in her martial-arts classics.

Gordon’s feature credits include the David Spade comedy “Joe Dirt,” which might explain why “My Lucky Star” lacks any particular flair. While giving Zhang ample opportunity to prove her comic chops, it gradually gets bogged down in conspicuous product placements
and uneven pacing, which stretches this otherwise amiable comedy to 113 overlong minutes.