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There’ve been so many documentaries about the fashion world lately — from “The September Issue” to “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s” — that they’ve become the zombie movie of nonfiction filmmaking. Now, here comes another one, “Mademoiselle C,” chronicling the months leading up to the launch of Carine Roitfeld’s style bible, the CR Fashion Book.

If you have to ask who Roitfeld is — globe-trotting French stylist, editor at Vogue Paris for eons, friend of Karl Lagerfeld and Kanye West — then “Mademoiselle C” is definitely not for you. If you do know, or better yet, care about Roitfeld’s celebrity-filled world, then this bauble of a film is a cool little peek behind the curtain. But even her most ardent fans might get bored before the movie’s 93 minutes are up.

By all accounts, Roitfeld — a grandmother who’s had the same partner for 30 years — is an easygoing person in an industry full of poseurs and prima donnas. Her motto is “never show it hurts” — and that’s great for the people who work with her, but it makes for a documentary short on conflict or anything beyond looking at pretty people in pretty clothes in pretty places.

Director Fabien Constant tries to keep things interesting visually, and the blissed-out techno soundtrack is infectious, but for anyone whose idea of style comes off the rack instead of the runway, “Mademoiselle C” won’t wear well.