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1974 Novel

First print-run: 30,000

Total copies sold to date: More than 4 million

Weeks it reportedly took Stephen King to write the book: 2

Victims of Carrie’s wrath during prom: 440

King’s current estimated annual income: $40,000,000

1976 film version

Budget for the film: $1,800,000

Domestic gross: $33,800,000

Rentals: $15,207,514 (USA)

Sissy Spacek’s age at the time: 26

Nights Spacek slept in a bloody prom gown to maintain filming consistency: 2

Oscar nominations: 2 (Spacek and Piper Laurie as Carrie’s mother)

Years since Laurie’s previous film, “The Hustler”: 15

Months it took to film: 3

Number of times King’s name misspelled in the trailer as “Steven”: 1

2013 film version

Projected opening weekend gross: $21,000,000

Projected total domestic gross: $500,000,000

Gallons of pig blood dumped on Carrie during the prom-scene 5

Age of Chloë Grace Moretz, who plays Carrie in the remake: 16

1988 musical version

Cost: more than $7 million

Total number of performances: 5

Number of times The New York Times called it “the most expensive flop in Broadway history”: 1

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