We called to the creatures of Middle-earth to help pen The One Haiku to Rule Them All. Here are some of the submissions we've received so far.

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We called to the creatures of Middle-earth to pen a haiku — a three-line poem with five, seven and five syllables, respectively — to commemorate one of the greatest film achievements of the 20th and 21st centuries. Our judges will select The One Haiku to Rule Them All.

And if you’re a truly devoted fan who’s gone all the way with your LOTR devotion in the form of a tattoo — as members of the cast did — e-mail us a photo at webmetro@seattletimes.com. Let’s see your ink.

In addition to the bragging rights, the winner will receive a copy of the book “The Maps of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth” by Brian Sibley and John Howe. The winner will be posted at noon Wednesday, Dec. 17, on seattletimes.com.

Only one haiku can be chosen as The One. To send yours in, fill out the form — and make J.R.R. Tolkien proud. Here are some of the submissions we’ve received so far.


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Tricksey hobbitses

Smeagol wants it back Precious

hates them wants them dead

Rachael Robbins,
Los Angeles, CA

Frodo, hear my cry

My heart lies in Middle-earth

Don’t call me a dork

Kathryn Spillman,
Palm Desert, CA

The Ring is destroyed

Epic trilogy complete

Precious movies all

Andy Haldeman,
Seattle, WA

Peter Jackson looks

Like a Hobbit who deserves

To Win an Oscar

Kojay Pan,
Renton, WA

Frodo holds the ring

Mt. Doom alone can destroy.

But the ring resists.

Dan Hagan,
Auburn, WA

Film flows past, too swift

Why must it end? Like the elves?

Alas — final frame

Eric Fredrickson,
Seattle, WA

A small leader true

Brings fears to where they began

A ring is beckoned

Whitney Jasinski,
Renton, WA

An Oscar for ‘King’?

The trophy will be taller

than the movie’s star.

Jason Gibbens,
Seattle, WA