The KOMO anchor also enjoys Americanos.

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Welcome to Seattle, Morgan Chesky of KOMO. You moved here from Texas and just a year later, you find yourself ranked among the top 50 hottest news anchors in the nation by Buzzfeed. Congratulations.

In the article published Friday, Buzzfeed ranks the 30-year-old Lone Star State native and graduate of Sam Houston State University as the 10th hottest of the hot. And, he said in an interview on Monday morning, he’s single.

“Moving to four different cities in six years has a way of curtailing relationships,” said Chesky who worked at stations in Austin, Oklahoma City and others prior to his move here.


One thing that makes him so very desirable, according to the internet media company, is that he loves to drink Americanos. His bio on the KOMO website also says that when Chesky is not on air, he is “chasing the best version of himself by hiking every trail, sipping every Americano, and shaking every hand he can find here in the Pacific Northwest.”

While Chesky said his ultimate goal is to be recognized for doing serious journalism, he’s not going to disparage a compliment. On his social media accounts, he acknowledged the honor and thanked his parents for their genetic contribution to his success.

The main  reaction, so far, has been a “significantly high number of jokes from my high school and college buddies and a serious increase in Instagram followers.”