Get ready for the (virtual) red carpet and acceptance speeches — awards season is on! It does seem unfair, though, that grown-ups get to pick all the winners, even the winners of children’s books and shows.

We asked kids in the Seattle area to share what they’re loving right now — in the hope that their picks may inspire choices for your kids. Here are some of their favorite things to watch and read:

Arya Dodhia de Soto, 8, Seattle

“Brainchild” (Netflix) is a funny show about learning and science and how your brain tricks you sometimes. Sahana, the host, is very smart and when she plays the ukulele, it sounds awful. The puppet is hilarious.

My favorite episode is about emotions. It talks about disgust, happiness, sadness, surprise and how they can pop up anywhere and how you can see emotions in things that aren’t even real.

And did you know your body has more bacteria than human cells? I love learning things like that.

Damian Anderson, 9, Seattle

I like the “Amulet” book series (by Kazu Kibuishi) because there’s a lot of action and the characters look really cool. There’s new high-tech stuff and it’s just really cool. The book is about these kids who are trying to save the world and there are these trees called Gadoba trees and they can tell the future.


It would be so great to predict the future because I really want to know when COVID is going to be gone. Predicting the future would be really cool.

Anton Taj Anderson, 5, Seattle

I like the book “How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans” (by David LaRochelle) because the green beans are bad and Martha doesn’t like to eat them. So they come and they take her parents and then she has to go and save her parents.

The only way she can save her parents is to eat the beans. She does that and then her parents are really proud of her.

Meara Knudson, 5, Skyway

My favorite book is “Eyes That Kiss in the Corner” (by Joanna Ho). I got it for my birthday and we read it every day. It’s about family and how close they are. I love the pictures and the relationship between each person.

The                “Love Sugar Magic”            book series follows a girl who comes from a family of witches, or brujas — and teaches a little Spanish along the way. (HarperCollins)

Liliana Kenepah, 9, Seattle

The “Love Sugar Magic” book series (by Anna Meriano) is about a little girl, who, in the first book, learns that her family are witches, or brujas. It’s about the Logroño family. There are five kids in the family, all sisters. The family owns a bakery in Texas and their recipes are magic. In the first book, Leo finds her family’s recipe book and discovers that her family is magic.

I like these books because it’s fun for all ages and they get you interested in the first book and you want to read more. I liked that they spoke Spanish in the book. It gave me a little Spanish lesson. I like how Leo is mischievous and also she looks like me a little.


Oliver Shih, 7, and Teddy Shih, 5, Seattle

Oliver: I love watching “National Geographic” because of all the animals, and it [transports] me to another land, space and time. I learned that when a whale dies, his corpse creates a new environment for other sea creatures and they feed on his body.

Teddy: My favorite episode is “Unlikely Animal Friends” because I love how different animals can become best friends, like a dog and a dolphin.

Eva Salazar, 9, Bellevue

The “Upside-Down Magic” book series (by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle and Emily Jenkins) is about a magic school, but the main character has “upside-down magic” and is told she can’t practice magic because it’s not “normal.”

I like the way the main character believed in herself and stood up to the school.

PBS Kids’ “Odd Squad,” about young government agents, includes, from left, Gavin MacIver-Wright as Oswald, Alyssa Hidalgo as Orla, Millie Davis as The Big O, Jayce Alexander as Omar and Valentina Herrera as Opal. (Darren Goldstein / Fred Rogers Productions)

Jaden Rose, 8, Seattle

I like “Odd Squad” (PBS Kids) because I like the gadgets. I like one of the villains. My favorite characters are Ocean, Oswald, Otto and Otis. I don’t like the math part because it wastes time, but I love the rest of it.

I also like “Secrets of Sulphur Springs” (Disney Channel) because I like the time traveling and it reminds me of my other favorite show, “Just Add Magic” (Amazon Prime). I like that they had a magic cookbook, and I liked the bad character who turned out to not really be bad.