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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Friendly exes are nothing new among Hollywood’s consciously uncoupled, but Kate Beckinsale says her feelings run deep for ex-boyfriend, Michael Sheen, and his girlfriend, Sarah Silverman.

“Michael and I have obviously not been together for a very long time, what 16 years or 15 years, something like that? And we’ve always got on really well. So I’m always surprised when people find that surprising because it’s quite well-established. It’s just that I’m quite deeply in love with his girlfriend. So that’s new,” she joked in an interview Thursday in Los Angeles.

Beckinsale, Sheen and Silverman shared an emotional reunion at Tuesday’s Los Angeles premiere of Beckinsale’s new period comedy, “Love & Friendship.” The celebrity trio was all hugs and smiles as they greeted each other and posed for photos on the red carpet. Beckinsale wiped tears from Silverman’s beaming face before the group headed into the screening.

“We just like each other. I always get really excited when I see Sarah. I forgot there was that many cameras there. But yeah, we had just been to see my daughter’s school play about three days before so there’s really no excuse for everyone getting over-excited like that,” Beckinsale explained.

Beckinsale and Sheen have a 17-year-old daughter, Lily.

“Love & Friendship,” from writer-director Whit Stillman, was shot in Ireland and is set in the 18th century. Beckinsale’s favorite part was the local lore surrounding U2’s Bono.

“We shot in Dublin, which is a gorgeous and beautiful city and full of the most incredible people. And everybody’s got a story about Bono, which I found fascinating. So you’re going to a pub and someone will say ‘let me tell you my story about’ and then the driver would tell it and the man who cleaned out the trailers had a Bono story. Bono gets around apparently in Dublin! And everyone’s got one, which I loved,” she said.

Beckinsale stars as a recently widowed social climber with a delightfully devious partner in crime, played by Chloë Sevigny. It opens May 13.




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