We bet you can guess which movie is Washington's favorite.

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Remember when a part of you still thought you’d get the person of your dreams? Yeah, well, me neither. And yet the appeal of a romantic comedy cannot be denied, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

For a nice little dose of nostalgia, take a look at the findings of Cable TV, which rounded up the most popular rom-coms of each state by analyzing this curated list from Google and cross-referencing it with Google Trends data.

The overwhelming winner, “Pretty in Pink” was the favorite in states across the nation, especially the South and Midwest.

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“Pretty Woman” and “About a Boy” also were top choice in more than one state while the East Coast showed a predilection for European movies and the Mountain West states preferred romance with a “sassy and snarky” side, Cable TV found.

To no one’s surprise, perhaps, the results also showed that people love movies set in their region and Washington is the perfect example of that with “Sleepless in Seattle” being our state’s favorite.

Among our neighbors, the quirky French movie “Amélie” is beloved in Oregon while “The Princess Bride” rules in Idaho.