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NEW YORK (AP) — “Don’t get too attached” to the characters on “Colony.” That’s Josh Holloway’s advice to viewers of the new sci-fi series, which premieres Thursday on the USA network.

Holloway describes “Colony,” which will air at 10 p.m. EST, as “character-driven with a dapple of sci-fi.” The series reunites the actor with his “Lost” producer Carlton Cuse.

“Colony” is set in the near future, where massive walls have been erected in an occupied Los Angeles. Electronic communication has been blocked, and drones track human movement. (“It’s an espionage thriller with aliens,” Holloway says.)

These walls separate Holloway and his wife, played by Sarah Wayne Callies, from one of their sons, and they are desperate to reunite their family.

In a recent interview, Holloway talked about what makes “Colony” unique and how he tried not to become an actor.

Associated Press: How is “Colony” different from other alien-invasion series like “Under the Dome” or “V”?

Holloway: “Colony” is about occupation. It’s the oldest story in human history. You either occupy or have been occupied by someone throughout human history. It’s an espionage thriller with aliens (laughs), so it’s … people trying to live life the way they did before the world was ripped out from under them. … The writers want every season to be different, so the finale’s gonna shock you.

AP: Did you know the end point for the first season of the series while you were filming?

Holloway: I knew a very basic few pieces of information because that’s how I work. I don’t want to know, but there’s certain things I need to know. I did find out a little bit and it still surprised me.

AP: You grew up in rural Georgia. Did you dream of going into show business?

Holloway: No, not at all. I ran from it. I was a model (when I was) young and I didn’t want to be that cliche. They were like, ‘Oh, what are you gonna do, be an actor now?’ I was like, ‘No.’ So I was defensive about it at first so I tried everything. … building houses, real estate, investing in a restaurant. That didn’t work out. So I said, ‘Let’s try acting.’

AP: When did you get your SAG card?

Holloway: Oh, man. I think it was the Arrowsmith ‘Cryin” video with Alicia Silverstone and Steven Dorff. I was superexcited. I thought I was gonna meet Arrowsmith. I was getting ready to do a knee slide in with my guitar, but no. That’s fine. That’s where I started getting my (expletive) kicked by girls (laughs).


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