His name is Logan, and he's a part of the 2017 collection that includes characters with more diversity and experiences.

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One of the newest additions to Mattel’s American Girl Doll line is a boy, and he’s named Logan Everett.
That’s kind of a big deal as the blue-eyed, brown-haired lad is the first male to be manufactured by the makers of the coveted and pricey dolls, which retail for $115 apiece.
Customers had long asked for a boy doll, and a company spokeswoman told The New York Times,  many had previously “created own boy dolls from our existing lines.”

Logan’s back story is that he is a drummer and part of a musical duo along with female and freckle-faced Tenney Grant, a singer.

 The other new dolls in the 2017 collection, which comes out on Thursday, include Gabriela McBride, who is African-American and  “a true talent who gets creative for a cause,” Z. Yang, a Korean-American filmmaker, and Hawaiian native Nanea Mitchell who “does her part to help and heal during wartime.” According to the Huffington Post,  parents and kids have been asking the company for characters with “more experiences, more diversity, more interests.”
Reactions to Logan on social media have been mixed, of course. Some love him, some hate him and some simply mock him.
The question is whether girls and boys will buy him, and Mattel is betting yes.