The last "Oprah" show airs May 25, so we'd like to hear how the talk-show queen has influenced you — please tell us by Friday, May 13.

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How did Oprah influence you?

Now that the royal wedding has tottered into the royal honeymoon phase, it’s time to turn our collective attention to our own Queen of all Media: Oprah Winfrey, whose last “Oprah” show airs May 25.

Her website ( is loaded to the gills with highlights, video clips and lists, but we’d like to offer something a little more personal, and a little more local.

We’d like to know whether and/or how Oprah influenced you over her 25-year reign of modern culture. Did her book-club picks propel you to the library? Did her “favorite things” become your favorite things? On a serious note, did her advocacy for victims of sexual abuse empower you, or did her reunion with her half-sister inspire you to reach out to a long-lost someone? (Or, on a not-serious-at-all note, did you ever lug around a little wagon loaded with 67 pounds of fat?)

Please share your how-Oprah-made-a-difference-to-me stories by 9 a.m. Friday at We’ll publish some of them in our Sunday, May 22, Arts & Entertainment section.

Seattle Times staff