HOUSTON (AP) — A Houston rapper is recovering after being shot in a drive-by shooting that killed two other people during the filming of a music video.

Twenty-year-old rapper Cashout Ace, born Miguel Guajardo, was among nine people shot, the Houston Chronicle reports. Two people were killed and at least seven others were injured.

The sheriff’s office said the group was ambushed in the parking lot of an industrial warehouse Friday night. The two people who were killed were 20-year-old Gonzalo Gonzales and and 22-year-old Jonathan Jimenez.

Gonzalez was hired to film the video and did not know Guajardo personally, according to Gonzalez’s mother, Gloria Gonzalez.

She described her son as someone who had passion and a gift for photography and videography.

“All who knew him would agree that he was a great young man that had so much to offer to this world,” Gonzalez said.

Guajardo’s mother, Eliza Guajardo, said her son has been pursuing rap as a career for about a year and a half. She said she can’t think of why he would be targeted.

“We don’t know if there were other people who didn’t want him to be successful or who had any animosity,” she said.

The other wounded victims included some of Miguel Guajardo’s friends.